Friday, August 05, 2005

Day 51 - Mason, Ohio, USA

Day 51 – 29th July 2005 -5:00 GMT

Woke up at 10am, when we were all dressed and showered we went out for breakfast at Frisch’s which serve the best Philly chicken steaks then visited Wal-Mart for a quick bit of shopping. Then we went to Paramount Kings Island which is a large theme park with a waterpark attached, we started of in the waterpark and went on a few water slides and had a swim in the wave pool, then we headed to the main park and went on the water rides where we all got soaked and then went on a few rollercoaster’s including “The Beast” which is a 25 year old wooden coaster. We left the park around 8:30pm and headed back to Janice’s were we sat on the porch eating Pizza and playing pinball. Sat up and chatted with Janice until 3:30am catching up on old times.


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