Friday, August 05, 2005

Day 49 - Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA

Day 49 – 27th July 2005 -5:00 GMT

Hardly slept as it was so hot, so we decided we would spend the day on a guided bus tour of Washington. The Bus has three routes and you can get on and off at any stop and transfer between routes. So we started off by going passed Washington Zoo, then we stopped at Washington Cathedral, which is very modern as it has elevators in it so you can look out from the top of the bell towers, it also has a Darth Vader Gargoyle.

Washington DC Cathedral Posted by Picasa

Inside it has Some amazing stain glass windows and a chapel built for 6 year old’s with everything in miniature even the alter and the organ. Next we passed the spot where Ronald Reagan was shot and over Duke Ellington Bridge (Duke Ellington was a jazz musician and his father was an usher at the white house so always wore a Tuxedo, when he started playing he dressed like his father in a tuxedo and on his first day someone said you look like a duke and that’s how he got his name) then we headed to George Town which is where all the rich live and most of the Ex-presidents have lived. We stopped in George Town for a look around and some lunch. We then saw the Watergate Plaza where the famous events took place back in Nixon’s day. Next stop was the White House, George was too busy to let us have a cup of tea, but we did get to speak to the lady sitting outside who has held a vigil there since 1981 and can be seen on the film Fahrenheit 9/11.

The Front of the White House Posted by Picasa

The Back of the White House Posted by Picasa

Protester outside White House (she has been there since 1981) Posted by Picasa

Then we changed buses and went around the route which passes all the Museum’s, Monuments and War Memorials.

The US Treasury Building Posted by Picasa

We did not other getting off as the queue to get back on was to long, so we had a nice narrated tour for a couple of hours.

The Jefferson Memorial Posted by Picasa

We then transferred back to the first bus route and headed back to the hostel. We sat in the hostel and chatted with the other people staying in our room, then headed out to a Spanish Restaurant for Paella, then back to the hostel where we chatted for another 3 hours before going to sleep.


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