Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Day 47 - Philadelphia - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Day 47 – 25th July 2005 -5:00 GMT

Checked out of hotel at 11am and drove along the I-95 towards Boston, we stopped in Baltimore for a look around on the way. We first explored the harbour area which is where we stopped for food.

Baltimore Harbour Posted by Picasa

Concrete Crab (like the cows and polar bears) Posted by Picasa

Then we walked along Historic Charles Street upto the Washington Monument and Mount Vernon Place.

Washington Monument Posted by Picasa

Mount Vernon Place Posted by Picasa

It was so hot we then headed back to the car and drove on to Washington DC. We checked into the hostel and Jill got chatting with a welsh guy called James so we invited him out with us and went to a Malaysian Restuarant for dinner then stopped at a pub called “The Angry Itch” for a beer,

Us in the pub Posted by Picasa

The barman was very friendly and gave me a pint of Jack Daniels, once he had heard Jill’s Jagermeister story’s it free drinks from then on, started with triple shots of Jager mixed with red bull, then free pints, then shots of some vanilla stuff, then more shots of Jager then a pint of guinnes with a depth charge of Baileys and Jamesons whisky, followed by a few more shots and more pints… can’t remember the rest of the night.

Reece with his Snow White Bedding Posted by Picasa


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