Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Day 664 – Albany, Australia

Day 664– 3rd April 2007 +7:00 GMT

Martin cooked breakfast and then we got in the car and headed about 110km West towards Walpole. We took Bruce with us and we visited the Valley Of The Giants.
The Valley Of Giants

Jill, Martin And Bruce

This is an area of particular tall trees which only grow in certain regions. Here they have a tree tops walk which is a walk that takes you up to the height of 40 metres so you can look down at the forest floor.
Me At Valley Of Giants

The Walkways 40 Metres Up

The walkways are connected on tall pillars and sway a little like swing bridges. The walk is just under a kilometre long and gives you a fascinating view being just under the canopy of many of the tall trees.
We then did the walk of the ancient, which takes you on ground level through the grounds of many of the trees.
Valley Of Giants

Jill And I Under A Tall Tree

A lot of these trees are completely hollow for the first 10 metres or so and been damaged by fire but they still survive and keep growing. When we left the Valley Of The Giants we drove into Walpole and had some lunch at a local café then drove down to the waterfront. There was not of a beach but we did find a pier with a couple of pelicans on it.
A Pair Of Pelicans

A Pelican On The Pier

Walpole Pier

On the way back to Albany we stopped off at a lovely beach called Green Pools, Here the water is very shallow and crystal clear.

Green Pools

Green Pools Beach
We then drove onto another beach a bit further down the coast, but it was covered in Blue Bottle Jelly Fish so moved on.

Jill On The Beach

A Blue Bottle Jelly Fish

A Bug On The Beach

We drove back towards Albany and stopped at Denmark, here we stopped where the river joins the sea. The area was full of pelicans and other birds.
Some Pelicans On The River

A Pelican

A Pair Of Birds

Another Pelican

Two More Pelicans
We then drove back to Albany via the supermarket and I cooked a Bolognese for all. We spent the night chatting away and playing pool.


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