Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 299 - Hicks Bay - Opitiki, New Zealand

Day 299 – 3rd April 2006 +11:00 GMT Total Miles 60337

Got up at 6am and walked onto the rocks by the beach and watched the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean.



Then we went back to bed got up again at 8:30am and packed up our stuff.

Mel's Place

Our Caravan

Hicks Bay

Joe gave us a gallon of petrol in case we ran out between here and the petrol station. We drove back to Te Araroa and filled up with petrol, then drove out to East Cape which has the most eastern lighthouse on it.

Me at the East Cape Lighthouse

We parked at lighthouse and climbed the 742 steps up to the top, the views are spectacular.

East Island

Me at Most Eastern Lighthouse in the World

View From Lighthouse

View From Lighthouse

Unfortunately we were being eaten alive by bugs, we climbed back down and drove back to Hicks Bay along the horrific gravel road that had had several landslides across it from yesterdays rain.

A Lamb by the Car

A Cow in the Road

We came across a large cow who refused to get out of our way on the way back. We stopped just before hicks bay for ice-cream and scones. We then returned the petrol canister which we had not used and drove along the coast north on highway 35 heading for Opotiki. We stopped several times on the way to take photos of the spectacular scenery and once as a hawk was eating some road kill and did not bother to move as we drove up to it. We saw a historic church which is always used in the advertising of the Bay of Plenty and East Cape.

Historic Church

We eventually arrived at Opotiki and did some food shopping. The checked into the beach hostel. The Hostel is fab and Jill and I are the only one’s here, it is on the each and has huge wooden decking a big living area.

Our Room on the Right

View from our room

We had a walk on the beach and spent the rest of the evening reading.



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