Saturday, April 15, 2006

Day 310 - Auckland, New Zealand

Day 310 – 14th April 2006 +11:00 GMT Total Miles 60734

Jill woke up a bit depressed as she had waited over a month to see her favourite band and now she had nothing to look forward too. Also she had now met the two people who she had always wanted to met, Dennis and Butch Walker. Anyway the sun was out and it was a boiling hot day so we decided to go out. We walked down K road and stopped at an internet café, I spent 2 hours updating my blog and checking my e-mail. We then went for a walk, we walked along Queen Street, all the shops were shut as it I Good Friday and we walked all the way to the water front, then we walked around the quays and the marina, it was packed with people have lunch and drinks at the waterside. We then walked through Victoria Park Market and up into Ponsonby, we bought an ice-cream and walked slowly back to the hostel. We spent the evening watching television and cooked at the hostel.


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