Thursday, April 06, 2006

Day 301 - Opitiki, New Zealand

Day 301 – 5th April 2006 +11:00 GMT Total Miles 60395

Spent the morning having a long walk along the beach. The hostel is situated on a six mile beach of glorious sand.

The beach

We walked up to some totem poles which were at the entrance to Opotiki originally but had to be moved due to corrosion.

The Opotiki Totem Poles

Me on the Beach

We then sat on the decking and has some lunch then drove out to Whakatane where we walked along the water front and then around the shops.

Me having Lunch on the Decking

Me at Waterfront in Whakatane

We then drove back stopping at Ohope where we parked by the beach and went for a walk.

Me with view of Ohope Peninsula

Jill on Ohope Beach

We then went out to the peninsula and had a look at the view. We arrived back at the hostel and only 2 other guests where there so spent the night chatting and playing cards with them.


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