Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 88 - Truth or Consequences - Tucson, Arizona, USA

Day 88 – 4th September 2005 -8:00 GMT Total Miles 15111

Woke up early, Jill was a bit hung-over so we hung around the Hostel, Jill and I made our regular phone calls home and we eventually set off just before 12pm. We drove down the I-25 then cut across highway 152 as driving through the Black Ridge Mountains would be a much more scenic route.

The Black Ridge Mountains

We drove back through Hillsboro where the apple festival was still going on. Then we started to climb, the road got very windy and we climbed up to over 8,000ft. The views were spectacular but the drive was slow going, especially as the hairpin bends had huge drops at the side of the road and no crash barriers.

The Black Ridge Mountains

The Black Ridge Mountains

After a couple of hours we got to Silver City which has the biggest quarry I have ever seen, we stopped here for lunch. After a short way down the highway 90 we joined the motorway again. Another 3 hours driving along the I-10 we arrived in Tucson and drove around until we found a reasonably priced hotel. We checked into the Days Inn and Reece arranged to meet one of his friends who lives in Tucson. I decided I would take the opportunity to try my luck at the local casino. Unfortunately it was not my night, nor anyone else at any of the tables, everyone seemed to be losing. I headed back to the hotel and got some food for Jill and I. We watched TV for a bit and then got some sleep.


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