Saturday, September 03, 2005

Day 85 - Roswell - Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA

Day 85 – 1st September 2005 -7:00 GMT Total Miles 14644

Left Roswell at around 11am and drove West along the highway 380, the road just went on for miles with nothing around except Dessert and a few hills. The Elevation is around 6000ft.

Road Through New Mexico Posted by Picasa

After about an hour or so we passed through Lincoln which is Billy The Kid was from. That had a museum here but we did not stop. We stopped at a small village called Capitan for coffee and doughnuts. After another hour or so we passed through “The Valley Of Fire” which is an area covered in what looks like volcanic rock and has cactus growing from it.

The Valley of Fire Posted by Picasa

We then drove passed White Sands Missile Range which is where they do all the nuclear testing. There was a Road marker for Trinity the site of the first atomic bomb. We then drove south along the I-20 until we reached Truth or Consequences. Jill and I have a room which is half of a caravan trailer, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, also we get a fridge and a microwave and a TV that does not work. The Hotel has 8 hot springs which are free for us to use and are alongside the Rio Grande river. The natural hot springs range in temperature up to 104 F, but due to the Thunder and Lightning storm we have not been able to use them yet. Meet up with Reece around 9:30pm and since the Thunder and Lightning had stopped we tried the hot springs. First tried the coolest one which was still around 95F, it was really nice overlooking the Rio Grande River sitting in a natural hot spring with cold rain falling on your head. We then went in the hot one which is undercover.
Then chilled out in our room for a couple of hours before getting some sleep.


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