Saturday, March 01, 2008

Day 996 - Perth, Australia

Day 996 – 29th February 2008 +9:00 GMT

I started the month by taking Jill’s parents to the airport as they were heading to Adelaide for a week and then I was back to work. It had been a crazy week, Jill’s work asked her to come to an interview to be team leader for the Western Australia office and if she got it they would proceed with sponsorship. Just over a week later they told her she had the job and would pursue sponsoring her. The next day Choice where I work offered to sponsor me and this is presently all being processed. We have had our medicals and X-rays and now it is all in the hands of the immigrations lawyers. I picked Jill’s parents back up from the airport a week later and they spent another week with us. Jill took another week off work but I just worked through. They visited Perth Mint, Fremantle jail and Kings Park.
Ann And Jim In Kings Park

Ann And Jim At Swan Bells

Perth Mint

On Jim and Ann’s final night we booked a table at The Beau Rivage restaurant at Gloucester Park, The Trots track. Here we have a full buffet and unlimited alcohol from 5:30pm to 11pm for $80. 13 of us went and we had oysters and king size prawns and meats and cheeses and 4 different types of roast meats and pasta’s and everything you could imagine. The food was great and the wine and beer even better. The racing was good although I did not wina single race and everyone had a really good time.
Our Table At Gloucester Park
The Track
Jim And Ann

Sarah And Peter

Jim, Jill And Ann

Claire, Ben And Denise

Sarah And Simon
The next day they were back off to Scotland. The next two weeks were quite hectic trying to make arrangements so if we get our visa’s we can return, so had to find storage for our stuff and the car and see whether we can keep the flat, luckily Ben from my work agreed to look after the car and our stuff and Jill found someone to rent the flat for 10 weeks so everything seemed to work out well. The month ended with the boys having their final poker outing, where we get to spend the kitty for the year. We had $1600 to spend on a night out and went out to Lava Stone Grill where they bring the food out on hot stones heated to 400 C and you cook your food to how you like it. The restaurant gave us a back room and we ate and drank and played poker throughout the night. Then headed into Northbridge for a few more beers and shots til the pubs closed.


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