Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 876 - Perth, Australia

Day 876 - 31st october 2007 +9:00 GMT

So it looks like Jill and I will be staying in Perth until October, the wages are good and the work is pretty good to. I have yet again changed jobs and am now working for Landcorp which is a Government Trading Company. Landcorp buys and sells land around Western Australia with the profits going to the government, they try and create affordable housing. My role is IT support and I have to look after around 165 people across 4 offices, there is anotehr IT guy as well whose primary role is to look after the network and servers but our roles cover each others jobs as well. It's a really nice company to work for and everyone is so friendly, they have company pool cars which you can take out if you need to visit other offices. Jill is doing very well at her work and was vote the Allocator of the month for the whole of Australia and received a certificate and a gift voucher.

Jill's Certificate

It has been a fairly quiet month I am playing squash every week, I finally joined the squash club and I still play gold regularly and am reapidly improving. We were taken out to see Cirque Du Soleil, Varekai by Paul and Nicole as a thankyou for house and dog sitting. The show was fantastic and an amazing experience to go and see.

My Varekai Ticket


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