Sunday, July 01, 2007

Day 753 - Perth, Australia

Day 753 - 30th June 2007 +7:00 GMT

Was about 50km south of Perth doing a job for Hewlett Packard when my car broke down on the highway. Phoned the breakdown people and got towed home to find my car needed lots of repairs. So ended up with a new Radiator, fuel injection unit, water pump, pulley system, fan belt, cam belt and two new tyres and a $3200 bill. Then two days later was finishing off the same job for Hewlett Packard and my car broke down again got towed home and this time it was the Fuel pump that had failed another $900 bill. This was a bit soul destroying for Jill and I as we had both worked for the last 5 weeks and the repair bills were more than we had earned. That week we also moved out of Sarah and Peters house and moved into Kirsty and Melv’s house. These are friends of Jill’s from work and they were going away for a week to a wedding in Bali, so we were invited to house sit and look after there two dogs and a cat.
Max the Cat
Muscles and Jedda the Dogs
The house was nice with a large plasma TV and a nice swimming pool.
The Pool
Me with Muscles and Jedda
At the end of the week we moved again this time into Paul and Nicole’s house. Paul and Nicole are friends of Pete and Sarah’s and also the person I play golf with on a weekly basis. They are away for 3 weeks in Tasmania and then away until the end of August in Europe. So Jill and I are looking after there dog Sheeba and the house. I also started a new contract working for a mortgage aggregation service company doing IT Support and Administration. The job is really good but the contract is only six weeks. Went to Denise 21st birthday party at the end of the month but other than that have not had much of a social life.


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