Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Day 677 - Perth, Australia

Day 677 – 16th April 2007 +7:00 GMT

Martin was due to fly back to Sydney at 4pm but got a call to say his flight had been cancelled and he was rebooked on the 1am flight. So we packed up the car and all headed back to Sarah and Peters. We had some food and unpacked the car. Martin got another call saying his flight was now changed to 10am tomorrow morning and after several hours of phone calls he had been told to book a hotel room of his choice in Perth and Qantas would pay. So he booked into the Inter Continental at Burswood, with his room coating $460 a night. I slept for most of the afternoon until Sarah and Peter came home, we all had some diner and then I dropped Martin off at his hotel around 10pm. Peter had asked me if I would help him out at work for a few days so had an early night.


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