Thursday, September 15, 2005

Day 97 - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Day 97 – 13th September 2005 -8:00 GMT

After another lazy morning we went to the Pizza Palace at the Imperial Palace for lunch and had their lunchtime special which included two huge slices of Pizza. I then went and visited the Classic Car Collection which is the largest collection in the world, had a free voucher from the hotel. Here they had Steve McQueen’s motorbike and a car belonging to Nicolas Cage and one that was Johnny Carson’s. They had countless Rolls Royce and Ferrari’s and even a few Maybachs. The highlight for me was the Jaguar XJ220 and the 1999 Shelby. All the cars here are for sale and while I was there the guy next to me bought 3 cars totaling 4.6 Million dollars.
It’s alright for some.


A Custom Rolls Royce

Jaguar XJ220

1999 Shelby

I then went and had a swim then lay by the pool and read my book as Jill and Reece were out shopping again. I then had a quick game of Pai Gow and a game of craps before meeting up with Jill again. We then went to the hotel bar for a drink and I played a little blackjack and a go on the slots before heading out to The Flammigo for Dinner and more beer.


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