Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 408 - 409 - The All Blacks

Day 408 - 409 – 21st – 22nd July 2006 +11:00 GMT

It is traditional in offices in New Zealand to have an easy day on a Friday. So at 4pm they bring around the alcohol and you can sit your desk drinking wine or beer to help the last hour pass. (most people just sit around and chat). Anyway so I had a few beers and ended up leaving the office at 7pm, I walked home and it was video night at the hostel so we watched Ferris Buellers Day Off an 1980’s classic comedy. The next day 9 of us headed out at 6pm and walked to the Westpac Stadium for the New Zealand All Black vs South Africa Wallabies Rugby Match.

My Ticket

We got to the ground about an hour before the game started and picked up a load of freebies, all blacks seat cushions and banners which say TRY etc.

Us before the game

Our seats were the cheaper seats behind the posts but we still got to see the pitch really well.

Pitch View From Our Seats

The had a bit of entertainment on before the game.

Pre Game Entertainment

Then the teams came out, The All Blacks performed The Haka which we got to see from behind. The game stated off with South Africa scoring a try after the first 23 seconds, but the All Blacks were dominant throughout the came and ended up winning 35 – 17.

New Zealand All Blacks vs South Africa

New Zealand All Blacks vs South Africa

New Zealand All Blacks vs South Africa

New Zealand All Blacks vs South Africa

Final Score

The game was not a particularly great game of rugby but the experience was worth every penny. After the game a few of us visited a couple of pubs and ended up in Molly Mallones an Irish bar with a piano man who plays everyone’s favourites throughout the night.


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